Nicholus and Gabby are newly married, but have over 50 children they care for. They recently started a ministry to care for the needs of these children, many who were orphaned or abandoned by their families. We’ve partned with them over the last few years to move them from a tiny home in the crowded city to a 10 acre piece of land with a newly constructed home and elementary school. But this is just the start. Together we seeking to give these children not only a safe and loving home, but a discipleship-based Christian education and opportunities to have a bright future. In order to give them this, much more support is needed. Will you join us in loving these children?


We are excited to announce the opening of our elementary school. It is the first school in our community. It is not only open for our students at Wonder Afrika, but serving the needs of the local community as well.

Education and Growth

It’s not enough to simply meet the physical need of the children in Wonder Afrika. We must care for their academic and spiritual development. Our aim is to provide a discipleship-based Christian education to each of our students, while opening the schools doors to serve the needs of the community. Our future plans include building a high school to continue to serve the needs of our children and the surrounding community.

Projects in Development

We are continually looking at improving how we operate our children’s home. These are some of the projects we are working on to better serve our students and meet the needs of our community.

interlocking brick systems

This is our new Interlocking brick system for building stronger structures with no need for mortar.

Land for Farming

This is part of our newly acquired land. The elevation and moisture of this nearby land will allow us to grow crops year around. 

Water collection systems

We will now have the ability to harvest and store rain water to help get us through the dry seasons.

school kitchen

We are constructing an on site kitchen to be able to provide meals for our students.

Recently Completed Projects

Because of our incredible donors, we’ve been able to recently complete several projects critical to our infrastructure and sustainability long term including; bathrooms for our school, a clean and safe play yard for our school, expanded our family bathroom and washrooms, completed a piggery for caring for our animals, and constructed a sizable storage container for supplies and food.

Discussing the Need for a new home

Nicholus and Gabby have big hearts, and have not turned a blind eye to the needs in their community. In response, they have adopted many of the children who are living on their streets. They are either orphans or have been completely abandoned by their families. Nicholus discusses the need to build a home to accomodate up to 120 children.

Where are they building their new home?

This land is located near the village of Kikyusa, in Luweero District. This district has been devastated by previous civil wars and the community is still recovering from this devastation. In addition to wanting to build a home that will better house all of their children they wish to serve the people and community they live in.

What’s next?

While construction continues on the home and elementary school, there are still many needs to meet within the community. After they have finish their home their goal is to begin working on a church, high school and medical clinic. These will be vital facilities that will serve both the physical and spiritial needs of the community in Kikyusa.

Future Development

We are working to raise funds for each phase of the project. The following is a list of known phases and their estimated costs:

Total Cost: $238,700

Teacher Housing: $25,000
School Offices, library and staff room: $32,500
School Dormitories with bathrooms: $50,000
Medical Center: $100,000
Finish Home Construction: $31,200


If you have questions or would like more information about Wonder Afrika please contact Pastor Stephen Kingsley.